Food Waste Battle Speaker Announcement

Thomas Luttikhold: one of the speakers during the Food Waste Battle:


When Thomas at his fifteenth started working in a restaurant, a dream was born..with ever start his own business. Through various employers Thomas worked his way up from a dishwasher to a place behind the stove. He never studied for cook. After high school Thomas started to study Business Economics – a restaurant is after all also a business – at   the HAN Nijmegen (graduated 2013).

During his study and his side jobs, Thomas noticed that there is much inefficiency in catering establishments. Inefficient mainly related to food waste. Thomas turned to this subject, because waste is and remains an economically interesting question.

Thomas’ story started at the kitchen table. An idea was born to start his own restaurant. Through different side roads food waste was literally his sign.

A dream to start for himself and reality was redeemed. The kitchen table was changed for an office. Since 2013 Waste Watchers is a fact and Thomas is making himself strong for less food waste in the world.

After gaining the necessary experience during study periods abroad in England and France, Thomas has transformed his idea of food waste in practice during his internship at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

The result of this internship yielded many interesting insights that he saw as the stepping stone for his own business. At the age of 22, he founded ‘Waste Watcher Luttikhold’ on which he stakes against food waste.

Thomas is one of the much-talked-about ‘Young Startups’. In his so-far entrepreneur career he knew to achieve quite a lot:

He reaches thousands of people every week through his YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Through these channels he tries to create awareness around this issue and to give an interpretation here. In addition, he came in at EPCAS (one of the most influential organizations on party catering in Europe) and he granted speaking sessions for target groups such as students, the catering industry, environmental enthusiastics and policy makers.

At this time, Thomas is among other things working on the development of a software program against food waste.

Thomas strives to get more out of the world with less. And you?

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