The Challenges

‘Twentse Belofte’ Big Data Challenge

The situation

One of the main challenges in our region Twente is to secure social inclusion through education, known as ‘Twentse Belofte’, The Promise of Twente programme.

It is a four year programme developed in collaboration between educational institutes (secondary education, vocational schools) and the local government (14 municipalities) of Twente. The main focus is on the support of youngsters (especially those in a vulnerable position), in order to stay in school and continue their basic education, switch schools, guide them to find a job, and support them if they still drop out school.

Schools and local government together, we initiate different projects on that aim and we try to make changes in the system. However, still the latest figure shows about 700 drop outs.

The question

  • What can big data teach us about the drop-outs from the educational institutes?
  • What could be used as an early warning indicator in order to take action for a younster who is about to drop out school?
  • Focus on all youngsters, not only the ones who drop out school: What are the differences or similarities? Could we make cross comparisons to draw conclusion.logo twentelogo + boundingbox + stramien
More challenges...

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14 – 17 September 2018
DesignLab University of Twente
Enschede, The Netherlands


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