The 20Creathon project is sponsored by:

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The following partners are in the 20Creathon consortium: Novel-T, Universiteit Twente, Kokkeler Innovatie Consult, Twente Safety & Security, Saxion, NDIX, Stichting GemGids.

Partners within the different challenges:

Help us by:

  • Upload a challenge: The 20Creathon Events, change-making sessions, are developed to work together with your ‘customers of the future’ to search for innovations. Intelligence, scale and speed of this innovative event gives faster traction, with better ideas. Share your challenge or idea with us. Please fill in the contact form.
  • Donate data: Does your company have interesting data, according to our challenges, in which we are able to solve them with cool ideas? Contact us if you want to donate your data. Please note: there are options to work confidential with your data. 
  • Sponsor us: Interested in sponsoring 20Creathon? Choose to sponsor specific events or give general contribution. We realize that it is nice when sponsorship has advantages. These benefits could be different for everyone, so please contact us.


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